Polar Bear Viewing

In early September the mighty polar bears begin their 150 mile swim from the ice pac to the mainland....

Eskimo Whaling Tours

Vigorous Eskimos have held fast to their ancient traditions and customs, struggling continually to harvest food....

High Arctic Tours

Northern Lights, high altitude sunrises and an Alaskan breakfast in the hear of the Brooks Range.....

Arctic Air Expeditions offers one of a kind tours, from authentic Alaskan Native Villages to close-up views of the mighty polar bear.

The mystic beauty, vast expanses and magic of the Alaskan high arctic polar region, cannot be fully captured in words or on film. Map of Arctic RegionIt must be explored in person.

Only then can one rightfully say...

" I have experienced the true Alaska.
I have travelled to the top of the world."

Browse our entire site for specific tour information. Each page includes slide shows of our tours. These presentations feature stunning photos taken by Steven Kazlowski, LeftEyePro.com and Tim Cook, Arctic Air Expeditions.

Alaska ATV Adventures

See the Backcountry of Alaska from the back of a Quad Bike. Our experienced guides ensure ATV riders of all experience levels have an enjoyable experience.

Steven Kazlowski

Left Eye Productions is dedicated to producing wildlife and nature imagery of an ever shrinking and changing natural world in the face of climate change.