Ancient peoples, whispered secrets

With three archeological sites on the point and one high in the mountains, Point Hope is considered the longest continuously inhabited settlement in the Americas. These pictures lead to more questions than answers.

Important things to know:

Visiting Point Hope is a rare privilege.  Few tourists have ever traveled to the village. We have permission to bring a few guests each year with the assistance of our guide, Tim Cook.  It is important that all guests are respectful of the local people. 

We have listed a few words of caution for all travelers considering a trip to Point Hope. For complete details click here.

  • - Point Hope is a dry village.
  • - Activities are vary with season.
  • - Expect longs waits at times.
  • - "Camp" is comfortable, but basic.
  • - Travelers must be in good health.
  • - Medical services are hours away.
    - Boat trips are not included.
  • - Trip insurance is recommended


High Arctic Tours:
Northern Lights, a high altitude sunrise, and an Alaskan breakfast in the heart of the Brooks Range.  Over flights of Prudhoe Bay and the Great Alaska Pipeline.  Flight-see the Arctic Ocean shoreline and the Pac ice searching open leads for seals, whales and polar bears.  Land at a coastal Inupiat Eskimo village on the shores of the Beaufort Sea.  Sunset over the Brooks Range......These experiences are all possible on our tours to the Alaska High Arctic.
A sample itinerary is provided below.
For a more detailed description click here.

Day 1 — Fly to Point Hope
Overnight Stay at the Point Hope Camp

Today, we will depart Anchorage early to fly to Point Hope, arriving mid-day. Visiting Point Hope, Alaska, is literally like visiting an article out of National Geographic.  It has “other-world” qualities often read about in the periodical. We do not take our civilization with us to Point Hope, leaving it at the Arctic Circle, where we make ready to embrace a wholly unique cultural experience.
Native Alaskan EskimoDay 2 & 3 — Private Touring of Point Hope
Overnight Stay at the Camp with breakfast, lunch and dinner

We will have breakfast each day at approximately 9:00am, before starting our unforgettable exploration of this remote Arctic village.  During our stay, local artists will be visiting our camp to sell their fine artwork and likewise, we will visit some of their workshops.


Life in Point Hope is weather dependent and our activities will be determined by the conditions.  During these two days, we plan to explore the ancient ruins of Old Town to the west, which include the underground sod huts in which the people lived until the 1960s!  Depending on weather and winds, we may also visit Jabbertown, the site of the whaling village established by the non-Eskimo whalers in the early 20th century. During the time of the Whale Fest activities start around 10am and last well into the evening with food, dancing and other traditional activities.


High Arctic ToursWe will visit a village with local Eskimos to gain knowledge about their amazing lifestyle.  If our visit happens to be on a Sunday, an excellent way to interact with the villagers would be to attend a service at one of the local churches.  Our travelers involved in education may want to visit the local school if the timing is right—the school year runs through late May.  Travelers in the medical profession may want to visit the local clinic.  A visit to the village store is always interesting to learn what locals pay for mere essentials.Map of Arctic Region


Day 4 or 5 — Fly to Kotzebue
This morning after breakfast, we depart Point Hope for Kotzebue.  The flights depart in the Mid-morning